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Real estate folks say the prize is Location,Location, Location. The Oakview says it's the Guests EXPERIENCE, EXPERIENCE, EXPERIENCE.


Oak view is a historic home recently converted to an upscale Bed and Breakfast. It is located directly adjacent to the famous New Orleans city park. The house is arranged for your ultimate privacy and convenience-- all rooms with private baths. The owners reside downstairs on the floor level and the next two floors are for the guest only. The only time you see anyone other than those who you choose is  during breakfast, at the bar or when you request service. Every guest has their own key to their room.. Of course breakfast is a delightful experience where you meet others who have a multitude of knowledge from their experience and guest share that information to help one another get around. One question that occasionally comes up is safety .First of all, this is one of the safest communities in New Orleans. It is a quiet upscale neighborhood which host the New Orleans Museum, Botanical Gardens, and Sculptural Museum. Sorry criminals but there is not a lot of room for crime around here. There are to many people and to many police officers. We provide maximum protection for our guest and our tourist in these areas. In addition , we hire a private security company for which we pay additional money to protect our community. Moreover, every guest has the luxury of a private security escort to your room if you feel uncomfortable about anything. That s right, a simple phone call to (MCSD) mid city security department, our private security is there for you whenever or if ever you choose. Finally,  we are surrounded by a number of eateries and restaurants including the exclusive "Ralph's on the Park,Morning Call, Cafe Degas, Toups and Parkway Po boy shop(where the president of the United States went for po boy sandwiches  For a  location of this type of exclusiveness, privacy and safety, we are very moderately priced. No doubt you are in for a wonderful and pleasant " 

Experience,Experience, Experience."

 As an added note to you all out there in tourist land, it is better for all if you book your reservation right here on the web site. It is faster and very easy, and allows you to make deals, bargains and personal arrangements like food. LOOK FOR THE BLUE LINKS all over this site that says  book it. This allows you to view all of the rooms and prices. Press that link put your information in  and you will see the total price with taxes first before you book. If you are not satisfied just exit from that page and continue shopping. But here is the surprise kicker--we don't charge DEPOSITS and so far we have never charged a cancellation fee due to the flexible policy. Other than that there is not much to say about us. ASK TRIP ADVISOR--simply press the link below but make sure you come back to the web site to book the cheaper reservation.


Book right here at the oakviewbnb.com web site for easy completion and special discounts. See any link that says BOOK IT and see prices and totals before you are asked to reserve.



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A free robust breakfast with all the trimmings. Some guest choose to enjoy their breakfast with a cold Mimosa or a spicy Bloody Mary. And here 's the kicker, you simply serve and treat yourself to as much as you can eat or drink.


Free parking, free Wi Fi, free drinks and amenities, including teas,sodas,wine etc... No nickle and dimeing our guest. All you pay is  your affordable and economical room rate.

Surprise! you can see your price total before you book your reservation.

No need to leave the web site for anything. You can see the reviews from Trip Advisor right here. Just press on the link and that's it. Also after viewing your prices and totals you can book your reservation right here on the web site on any page.And we do what no other will offer.  That's right you pay for your room when you arrive How cool is that?